Hospital Services

There are times when animals require hospital care. We can support our hospitalised patients at Victoria Veterinary clinics with the following services:


Our hospitalized animals are housed in hygienic and most importantly comfortable cages. We use special veterinary recommended cage care comfort bedding, which keeps your animal dry at all times. We use heating pads as required and indicated, your animal is monitored continuously. We have computerized infusion pumps for accurate fluid therapy and treatment charts that ensure your pet is given the required treatments 24 hours a day

  • cat-isolation-wardCat Ward
    Nothing is more stressful for a sick cat than a barking dog. This hospital ward is for cats only. It is a quiet and relaxing room, providing a stress free environment for hospitalised cats. Our cat ward is constantly monitored.
  • Isolation Ward
    Pets suffering from infectious disease are kept isolated from other patients in a comfortable and clean environment. This ensures no cross infection with other hospital in patients.

Surgery Suite

Victoria Veterinary clinics have a dedicated surgical suite with a full range of surgical equipment to handle routine to complex surgical procedures. We can provide complex orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, including spinal surgery.

We also perform routine surgery procedures such as desexing. During surgical procedure, your animal is closely monitored by respiratory and cardio vascular monitors to ensure anaesthetic safety.

Diagnostic Imaging

diagnositcsIn most cases, animals can be diagnosed and treated based on the history and clinical examination. However, there are times when pets have diseases that require specific investigation and further tests to confirm a diagnosis.

We have veterinary staff that have exceptional skills and knowledge in diagnostic ultrasound, radiography (x-rays) and other specific investigative techniques. We have state of the art equipment and one of the few clinics in Hong Kong with ESOATE Mylab 30 Ultrasound machine and digital radiography.

Laboratory Services

Providing a full range of comprehensive testing, our in house laboratory provides accurate and fast diagnosis, allowing treatment to begin as soon as possible. We can also provide general screening as part of your animal’s health regimen.

We have the latest digital technology and all results are electronically accessed on your pet’s records, which allow continuous monitoring of your pets health. When required, specialist and unusual tests can be performed at our partnership laboratories in the United Kingdom or the United States.

Dental Service

denistryWe have a specialised dental suite capable of offering a full range of dental procedures. We are one of the few clinics in Hong Kong with digital dental x-ray equipment.

Oxygen Therapy

There are times when animals with respiratory and heart illnesses are presented to our clinic requiring emergency oxygen therapy. Our intensive care unit provides continuous piped cage oxygen and emergency support.

Blood Transfusion

In certain medical emergencies, a blood transfusion may be required. Supporting our critical patients, we can provide this service.


Our internal medicine veterinarians have the knowledge and expertise to provide the very best and latest treatment for certain cancers in pets. We will advise you regarding the process of chemotherapy, the costs and discuss the potential side effects of treatment.